Tutorial on Installing Google Forms in WordPress

Using and installing google forms in wordpress is an easy way to install or embed anywhere. Due to its features, it has many benefits when you are going to share forms on several websites. Actually, there are so many conveniences and benefits that you can get when using google forms. You will be able to […]

Google Classroom Everything You Need to Know

In the current era, google classroom has been used by both the school admin and the teachers themselves, who have gradually digitized from an administrative to learning point of view. Where now a lot of technology that can be used to facilitate their work. But of course, we must learn and know what tools can […]

How to Change Password on Plesk Hosting

On domains created in plesk, the dns zone area contains all the required dns records and is created automatically. However, you can also add, modify and also delete dns records. If the same permission is given by the hosting service provider . How to manage dns record In order to see the current records in […]

Copy the Google Form Embed Code in WordPress

SMS Gateway BulgariaSo, as a solution to be able to get data and also visitor information in large or small amounts, it will not affect the server if you use google form. All data entered into the google form will not be stored on the website server, but will be stored on google’s servers, also […]

Google Classroom is Quite Easy to Set Up Here Are the Steps

When you sign up for google classroom, it automatically creates a google drive folder called classroom. Then when you create a new class, a new subfolder will be created. All tasks you distribute will be automatically stored in this subfolder. You can also share your google drive folders or files with your students by simply […]

Complete Guide to Learning Javascript for Beginners

Before you start looking for an easy way to learn programming for beginners. It might be a good idea to sit down and think carefully about why you want to learn a programming language. Do you want to get a new job? Will learning programming help you get promoted? Do you just want to have […]

How to Change Passwords or Passwords at Plesk Hosting

Plesk hosting used on linux will later be able to provide an ability to synchronize all existing records in the snd server template with the dns zone originating from your domain. And to do synchronization, it must be done by adjusting the following rules: Notes from users who will later be modified will always remain […]

Rankingcoach and Its Functions for Website Seo

Rankingcoach is a tool that analyzes your website. So, on the basis of this analysis you can make the necessary optimization steps and you can start implementing them. Based on the analysis results. You will get a simple task to optimize your page. Gradually you will be able to add your rating to see your […]

How to Change the Indonesian Language WordPress Application

This is the easiest way to change your wordpress application by doing it on the “General settings” or “General settings” page. However, what you have to remember is that using this method will eventually change the language on both the front and back of your site. Then you can proceed to the third part if […]

How to Do a Home-based Online Business Without Capital in 2020

In fact, starting a business to run is a wise choice. The reason is that private business can be said to be profitable. The fact is that almost 54% of business people claim that their income has increased. In addition, 26% of existing business people really want freedom in running their own business. Thus, the […]

Home Online Business Without Investment

One of these businesses still has something to do with bloggers. If you can’t wait for the blog to be crowded with visitors, you can also become a freelance writer. One type of home online business without capital is quite popular, because now there are many new sites that require a lot of content in […]

Mysql Vs Mysqli is There a Difference Between the Two

Mysql is the most popular open source relational database management system or rdbms and is used by high end websites like wikipedia, google, facebook and many more. In the past, mysql was in great demand by many people because it was very easy to use. But the more sophisticated the existing technology, mysql is far […]