How to Change Passwords or Passwords at Plesk Hosting

Plesk hosting used on linux will later be able to provide an ability to synchronize all existing records in the snd server template with the dns zone originating from your domain. And to do synchronization, it must be done by adjusting the following rules:

Notes from users who will later be modified will always remain intact (cannot be modified or deleted under any circumstances).
Notes can be added to the template and then added to the zone
Records can later be deleted from templates that are removed from the zone or records whose changes cannot later be deleted.
Records changed in a template will be modified in the zone (changed records are not deleted).

Plesk hosting as dns server help

Plesk hosting

If the website hosting contained in your website account is a single name server on your side, then you should immediately set. In order to create a plesk dns server as a second nameserver, here’s what you can do:

Start by visiting the website & domain, click Bulk SMS Sweden on the domain name whose dns you will set.

Immediately specify the primary ip address or master ip for the dns server
Click ok and immediately click update
Immediately repeat the second to the sixth stage for each websiter which will require a second server name on your server.
Backing up plesk server dns to main backup
Do the following to make the plesk dns server the main backup, by:

Visit the website & domain, click on the domain whose settings will be managed later

Click on dns settings

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The final step, click the master/slave used to change the dns server mode
How to change username on plesk hosting
This is actually not an easy matter, security EG Lists reasons in changing usernames that are done manually are not available on your plesk hosting panel. However, if you still want to change it.

In order to change your password, immediately place the cursor over your username at the top right of the page and immediately click edit profile. Or you can also open my profile. Next, enter your new password and quickly confirm it.

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