How to Change Password on Plesk Hosting

On domains created in plesk, the dns zone area contains all the required dns records and is created automatically. However, you can also add, modify and also delete dns records. If the same permission is given by the hosting service provider .

How to manage dns record

In order to see the current records in the domain’s dns zone, you can go to websites & domains and select dns settings. There, you can add, modify and also delete existing notes on the existing screen. In order to add a record, you can click on add record. Next to change the record, click on its name. Meanwhile, to delete notes, you can select the checkbox next to the note name and click delete. What you should pay attention to is that deleting certain records will certainly affect the functionality of your domain. For example, deleting the a record later will prevent it from completing.

It will be able to undo everything that was SMS Gateway Denmark created into the dns zone and will be able to re-create it according to the dns server template. You should also pay attention if any special records that have been added to the dns zone will be lost.

How to manage dns records

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Plesk hostingnote that the dns zone is included in the soa record. Of course you can view and also change the value of .Soa records on websites & domains, select dns settings and click soa. Actually, choosing to use the serial. Number format that has been recommended by the ietf .And also the ripe EG Lists checkbos which will later switch by plesk hosting the soa serial number store .Originating from the unix timestamp into the yyyymmddhhmmss format that. Has been recommended by ripe. By using the format that has been. Determined yyyymmddhhmmss later it will be needed by many domain registrars, most of whom are europeans.However, if your registrar refuses the soa serial number that you provided, this is an option that can help.

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