Google Classroom is Quite Easy to Set Up Here Are the Steps

When you sign up for google classroom, it automatically creates a google drive folder called classroom. Then when you create a new class, a new subfolder will be created. All tasks you distribute will be automatically stored in this subfolder. You can also share your google drive folders or files with your students by simply pasting the link in the ‘ about ‘ tab or by adding them to an assignment / announcement / question.

Summary for guardians

This tool also allows teachers to send feedback to guardians about student performance. It will be sent via email. This includes details such as missed assignments, upcoming assignments and class activities.

How do teachers sign up for google classroom?
To use these tools with your students. Your school must sign up for a free g suite for education account. If your school already has an account, it might look something like this @yourschool.Edu . However, if you are an educator conducting courses outside of school, you can also register with your personal account [email protected] . A g suite for education account is not required in this case. Either way, you can sign up for the tool by visiting it here.

Google classroom: everything you need to know
Kaitan google classroom dengan g suite SMS Gateway Serbia for education
Google classroom is a learning management system that forms part of the google apps for education platform. It is fully integrated with other g suite apps like docs, slides, drive, etc.

Specifications or requirements for using google classroom
This tool requires an active internet connection to work
All data is stored in your google drive, local server is not needed
This tools application is available on android and ios devices

How do you set up your google classroom?

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Create a class by clicking on the “+” button on the top right of the home screen. You have to add the class name, subject name and in the appropriate section.
Click the “about” tab to customize course EG Lists descriptions or add course material, such as links and syllabus.
Click the “students” tab to invite your students to join the class. Either send an invite or give them a codeclass .
Select the level of student participation from the “students” tab .
Add co-teachers by visiting the “about” tab .
You can then choose a theme for the classroom and also upload a cover photo.

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