How to Change the Indonesian Language WordPress Application

This is the easiest way to change your wordpress application by doing it on the “General settings” or “General settings” page. However, what you have to remember is that using this method will eventually change the language on both the front and back of your site. Then you can proceed to the third part if indeed you only intend to change it.

The method used is also quite easy, you only need to enter the wordpress admin page then open the settings> general menu. Then scroll to the bottom so you can see a setting that says “site language”. You can select the language you will use from the drop down menu. Suppose you choose indonesian, then click “Save changes” so you can save changes.

How to change the indonesian language

This method will be a little more complicated than changing the wordpress application through the wordpress admin. However, you don’t need to worry, because the end result is the same. You can do this by adding the language to the directory on your site. So you need to download the language file which will be included in the directory.

Change wordpress application

Language files will continue to be developed by SMS Gateway Lithuania a team of volunteers with a large capacity, so updates will always be made. Scroll until you find the language you want to install. You also have to make sure that the language is compatible with the version of wordpress you are using. To see this, you can look in the version column. In fact, the languages ​​whose columns are marked in green (which you will see later) are languages ​​that are compatible with the latest version of wordpress. Where if installed it will be able to run properly on your site.

Change wordpress application

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You should also be able to ensure that you have backed up your site before installing the language files that have not been updated. Although it would actually be in your EG Lists best interest not to install at all. Next, open the text record in the wp locale field. For example, in indonesian, which has a wp locale code from id_id.

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