Tutorial on Installing Google Forms in WordPress

Using and installing google forms in wordpress is an easy way to install or embed anywhere. Due to its features, it has many benefits when you are going to share forms on several websites. Actually, there are so many conveniences and benefits that you can get when using google forms. You will be able to collect data from various customers using the newsletter and then use it to improve the quality of the business services that you run. Not only that, for those of you who are still learning to use wordpress , you won’t have any difficulties when using google forms on wordpress.

Google form is a service provided

By google which has the function to create various online forms for free. Google form can also be used to create online forms, registration forms, quizzes, surveys and so on. Not only that, you can also take advantage of google forms to collect email addresses from visitors who will subscribe SMS Gateway Finland to your newsletter. The emails collected will later become data that can be used in developing a business by sending newsletters to customers.

A google form service will be suitable for those of you who have an online business. These services will later be used to help with whatever kind of work you do. Apart from that, you can also conduct various surveys, for example regarding the quality of the products that you will offer later, and will also get feedback from your customers, finally you can also collect customer or customer information through an online website that you will use. So that to make it more useful, you can combine google form with wordpress.

Reasons to use google forms in wordpress

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Actually, wordpress itself already provides a plugin that works almost the same as google form. Examples are contact from7 or wpform. However, both of these plugins require EG Lists to store visitor data into a database. If examined, the purpose of using several features such as those in contact form7 or wpform is to collect some data from quite a large number of visitors. However, if the data collected is small, then this cannot affect your website server.

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