Copy the Google Form Embed Code in WordPress

SMS Gateway BulgariaSo, as a solution to be able to get data and also visitor information in large or small amounts, it will not affect the server if you use google form. All data entered into the google form will not be stored on the website server, but will be stored on google’s servers, also known as google drive. So that later you don’t need to use the website’s default database so you can store all the information that comes from visitors who enter via the form.

Storing data on google drive will certainly be much safer if a problem occurs with your website. You can also use data that has been entered on google drive to be used on other websites, of course, easily without having to retrieve from what is in the database. This google form does not take on tasks that previously burdened the server, you can also start accessing google form from anywhere while at the same time having an interface that can support the use of mobile devices, therefore you can access it from anywhere.

Creating google forms in wordpress

Google forms in wordpress

Actually, how to create a google form on wordpress is a little similar to how you make a google form normally. Only, you just need to add the embed code to the google form in wordpress.

How to create a google form in the new wordpress
The first thing you have to do is open a google form website. Or you can also enter via google drive, by clicking new > more > google forms > from a template. You are free to choose the “Blank form” option if you want to create a form that is customized to your liking.

Choosing a google form template in wordpress
Next, you will be asked to choose a template that SMS Gateway Bulgaria has been provided. On that page, google already provides various templates that can be used for free. You can also customize the template according to what you need.

Start filling in the title and description
For example, one of the selected templates is “event feedback”. Later you will be asked to enter a title and a description of the form. You should fill in according to the purpose of creating the google form.

At the bottom, you can enter a number of options that can later be filled in by customers or visitors to your website. Examples are short answers, paragraphs, multiple choice, dropdown, date and many other options. Google form will also give you various options that are used to change the type of question or answer.

After you have successfully completed creating the form

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You can click the “Send” button in the upper right corner. Of course you will be able to see the send form window.

Click on the embed icon (<>), then click copy so you can copy the html code. You can also set the form to use the width and height options provided in the send form window.

In order for your form to appear on the EG Lists wordprss page, make sure to paste the copied embed code into the text editor on wordpress. If you use the classic editor, there will be a “Text” option there. So you only need to paste it where you want it. Then, check the results by doing a “Preview” before you publish.

Google forms in wordpress

Using google form will be very flexible if you combine it with wordpress. Moreover, it is equipped with an easy and simple way to use. You can use a google drive account then take the embed code to be inserted into wordpress.

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