How to Find New Customers Online With Facebook and Google

How to find new customers online with facebook and google.  Marketing, online advertising message follow the online behaviors of your potential customers! Where and how to find new customers online? Is it better to intercept them on a social mia like facebook or on a search engine like google? Both google and facebook are excellent […]

Who Are They and Why Use Beauty Micro Influencers on Instagram

Who are they and why use beauty micro influencers on instagram.  Online advertising message, corporate narrative outperform your competitors with creativity! Do you have a perfumery, a beauty salon.  A spa or a hairdresser and do you work in a city or small town where you have a lot of competition? What do you do […]

Digital Marketing Strategies for Local and Online Businesses

Digital marketing strategies for local and online businesses.  Business, digital, local increase the value of your work with digital marketing. What is your business model like? Do you sell products or services exclusively online and do not have a physical. Location or do you sell and offer your services in a shop or office? How […]

Communicate With Maximum Effectiveness

Communicate with maximum effectiveness in the upcoming 2019 elections 2019.  Elections use talking posts to dialogue with your electorate! We are almost at the end of the year and the distance to the next 2019 elections is getting shorter and shorter! On our blog we have talk.  Several times about the 2019 european, regional and […]

Increase company brand awareness You’ve

One of the advantages of Digital Marketing is precisely the possibility of measuring results in real time, allowing the responsible teams to make adjustments so that the numbers improve in the coming months. We’ll talk a little more about measuring results and metrics later. How to choose the best Digital Marketing strategies? The communication market […]

Improving your products or services

Check it out below: Main concepts of Digital Marketing Persona One of the biggest mistakes in Digital Marketing is confusing target audience with persona. Target audience is a broad concept with different consumer profiles; while the persona could be consider an individual portrait of a person within this broad profile. When we define a persona, […]

And this feback is very important for

Nutrition Flow One of the ways to gain the lead’s trust — and subsequently their loyalty — is through a periodic nutrition flow that informs this potential customer about the company’s universe: from the products it sells to the values ​​it propagates. It is essential that the Nutrition Flow is structur alongside the company’s Digital […]

Negative points of your company are

CTA Translat from English, CTA is defin as a “ call to action ” for the lead to act towards their goals. Do you know when a YouTube channel asks you to like or subscribe? This call for action is a CTA. Depending on the type and size of the content, a CTA may appear […]

How do you choose the right KPIs for digital marketing

You will understand the importance of tracking the roi for each and every one of your initiatives or activities. Your digital marketing roi dictates how efficiently you are spending your budget on a particular campaign. By drilling down into this all-encompassing metric. You’ll be able to tell if your investments are yielding tangible results. In […]

The benefits of using KPIs for digital marketing

These kpis will help you to understand where your organic traffic is coming from and allow you to make changes to produce more seo-rich. Relevant brande campaign content. Like: number of lead conversions assiste by organic search number of customer conversions assiste by organic search percentage of traffic associate with brande keywords percentage of traffic […]

What is a KPI?

So it should be easy to communicate what you’re doing with the rest of the team. Keep it action-oriente there are plenty of metrics floating around that you could focus on if you wante – but the ones that matter the most are typically linke to a specific action. Rather than just a value. Timing […]

4 Essential Digital Marketing KPIs

You probably already know that digital marketing kpis (key performance indicators) are a key part of measuring performance through your digital marketing strategy. But with so many options to choose from. And so many businesses going through digital transformations. How do you know where to start or what to shift if you nee to try […]