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Check it out below: Main concepts of Digital Marketing Persona One of the biggest mistakes in Digital Marketing is confusing target audience with persona. Target audience is a broad concept with different consumer profiles; while the persona could be consider an individual portrait of a person within this broad profile. When we define a persona, we have the chance to not only gather demographic and abstract data about a lead’s behavior. Thus, the opportunity arises to speak human to human , using detail data that makes the consumer’s life as real as you or me.

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Lead A more humaniz view of the potential customer (the “Leads”) is important for the company to develop a strategy that aims to “nurture” this person with everything they ne — and at the ideal time, bas on what they already do — to convince them. her to buy a product or service. It is essential to look at the idea of ​​leads in stages (which in turn are divid between new database business sectors), which can start with a Landing Page in the Sales Funnel, migrate to articles creat by the bases of Content Marketing, until reaching the hands of the sales team — which closes the deal.

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Sales Funnel Sales Funnel is a theoretical model that has become popular as a “Holy Grail” of Digital Marketing — which, for me, can be a big trap, since a lead can decide to close a deal at any stage of the funnel. The customer journey will depend on a factor that we consider a lot here at Orgânica: the context . Each customer will reach your product, service or content in a unique way and trying to control each step of the lead in the purchasing journey is always useful. It’s this control that we call “funnel”: how the lead goes from one stage to another in familiarizing EG Lists themselves with the company until closing a deal — but it’s impossible to do this all the time.

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