Who Are They and Why Use Beauty Micro Influencers on Instagram

Who are they and why use beauty micro influencers on instagram.  Online advertising message, corporate narrative outperform your competitors with creativity! Do you have a perfumery, a beauty salon.  A spa or a hairdresser and do you work in a city or small town where you have a lot of competition? What do you do to stand out among your competitors? Do you invest in advertising? Advertising is definitely a good card to play, but if you want to be.  More creative, reinvent your work and open a collaboration with . Beauty micro influencers on instagram! What I propose is what the big brands in your sector do today! Today, in fact, people are addict . And often insensitive to all the messages they receive through commercials! 

Influencers are not all the same

Instead, sharing a beautiful brand . Photo on instagram always hits the mark, especially when it comes.  To cosmetics and everything that has to do with personal care! A well-made photo, the right mix of lights and colours.  Captures attention and always special data gets plenty of likes, comments and sales! Who are influencers and why are they important for a brand? Influencers are people who are very follow by people and who have a certain following. They are experts in their industry and are very active on social platforms. In fact they are social influencers! They share multiple posts a day with brand products they praise: 

Micro influencers within the reach of a small shop

Not only are they listen to by their followers.  But they also guide their purchasing decisions! In the beauty sector, girls prevail: many start by  EG Lists posting products.  From their favorite . Cosmetic brands on social mia or doing make-up tutorials on youtube. Over time they have become famous and many have their own.  Line of equally sought-after beauty products. These small or large celebrities give advice on beauty . Products and treatments, which fans buy with their eyes clos. Instagram is their exclusive kingdom, where they find greater.  Affirmation: this is why we recommend this channel and suggest . Beauty micro influencers on instagram! Influencers are not all the same influencers are not all the same!

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