Communicate With Maximum Effectiveness

Communicate with maximum effectiveness in the upcoming 2019 elections 2019.  Elections use talking posts to dialogue with your electorate! We are almost at the end of the year and the distance to the next 2019 elections is getting shorter and shorter! On our blog we have talk.  Several times about the 2019 european, regional and municipal elections.  Touching on various aspects. In this article we want to highlight a political communication strategy .  To be implement on facebook, which leverages talking posts , on those . Graphic-only contents that communicate messages in a very direct way. In our opinion, in fact, rather than writing avalanches of text outside.  The graphics, as almost everyone does on 

Talking posts at the center of communication on Facebook

Facebook, it is more effective to share a single.  Content, which strengthens the political message to be convey! Talking posts will make you new data stand out from your opponents, because . With their disruptive force, they create  an immiate and viral.  Message, capable of triggering an always active dialogue with your voters! Talking posts at the center of communication.  On facebook the center of your communication will therefore become.  The talking posts, which present themselves as a sort of banner.  Which summarizes your activities, your messages through.  Graphics, which mixes image and text inside! The image will serve as the background for the post to be shar. It must be evocative, because it will recall the topic you want to talk about with your electorate 

Posts speaking positively and negatively

And will be accompani by a textual part plac above the image, which will complete the message. With this technique you will be able to deal with a current topic that, .  Is the subject of national debate or local, a relevant theme in your.  Electoral EG Lists campaign, your slogan or a key phrase from your political . Program, combin in this case with a photo of you! In practice, instead of sharing an external text and an image on your facebook.  Page, you will only use an image, which has the text inside it! This is the talking post system, so call because they don’t ne any other additions! In this way all political activity on facebook will be simplifi .

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