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Nutrition Flow One of the ways to gain the lead’s trust — and subsequently their loyalty — is through a periodic nutrition flow that informs this potential customer about the company’s universe: from the products it sells to the values ​​it propagates. It is essential that the Nutrition Flow is structur alongside the company’s Digital Marketing strategy . Add to the Sales Funnel and automation tools, each piece of information taken to the lead solves a question or problem in their life — leading them to think about your company when closing a deal. IF THE There is no point in producing quality content if it is not found by the public.

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To do this, it is important to master SEO techniques — or ” search engine optimization ” in a literal translation. It’s SEO-optimiz content that appears in search engines like Google or Bing — and you can’t achieve relevance on the Internet without it. But make no mistake: optimizing content is not about endlessly repeating a bunch of keywords to get your articles index on the first pages of search engines: you ne to think about some factors such as : Scannability (readability); Charging time; Content size; Visual elements; References to Latest database reliable sources. In addition to these, there are a series of other factors that justify hiring professionals specializ in optimizing content for Digital Marketing.

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Landing Page Landing Pages are like virtual business cards ; It is usually the first contact a person may have with your company. It is the information contain there that will turn your blog visitor into a lead, or even a fan, if your company manages to offer quality ucational material that helps that person solve problems. Landing Pages also serve to showcase your best work and convince someone who is already a lead to close a deal with your company, instead of looking for a competitor in your sector. As it is “the bridge” between content and EG Lists commercial contact , landing pages are consider one of the most important elements of Digital Marketing.

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