How to Find New Customers Online With Facebook and Google

How to find new customers online with facebook and google.  Marketing, online advertising message follow the online behaviors of your potential customers! Where and how to find new customers online? Is it better to intercept them on a social mia like facebook or on a search engine like google? Both google and facebook are excellent channels with . Which to find new potential customers, but to implement.  The best digital marketing strategy, I advise you to start by.  Studying the behavior of your potential customers to understand.  How they behave on the web before buying something! The study of these behaviors, in fact, will help you intercept the . Manifest and latent demand of your potential customers! Meanwhile, do you know 

Latent or unconscious question

The difference between these types of questions? Manifest or conscious question manifest demand is that.  Demand for a product or service.  Which comes from those people who are aware of their nes and requirements and have a . Clear idea of what to buy, to satisfy their nes at a given moment! For latest database example: it’s sunday, you have a bad headache and you ne a painkiller. : go to the pharmacy on duty to buy a drug that calms . Your pain every day you use your car to go to work, but lately your.  Car has been giving you a lot of problems and you ne to change it.

latse database

Facebook between conscious and latent demand

You go to a dealership and buy a new one, so you don’t have to use public transportation. You’re going through a stressful time, but the holiday season has finally arriv. Since you like to travel, you decide to relax with a trip: go to a travel agency . Or look online for a holiday package that satisfies your ne for relaxation. In all these examples, you know with certainty what you ne at a specific  EG Lists moment . And your demand for a product or service is clear and conscious, because you know.  Exactly what to buy to solve your problems or satisfy your nes. Latent or unconscious question the latent question, on the other hand.  Is an unconscious, 

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