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One of the advantages of Digital Marketing is precisely the possibility of measuring results in real time, allowing the responsible teams to make adjustments so that the numbers improve in the coming months. We’ll talk a little more about measuring results and metrics later. How to choose the best Digital Marketing strategies? The communication market […]

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Check it out below: Main concepts of Digital Marketing Persona One of the biggest mistakes in Digital Marketing is confusing target audience with persona. Target audience is a broad concept with different consumer profiles; while the persona could be consider an individual portrait of a person within this broad profile. When we define a persona, […]

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Nutrition Flow One of the ways to gain the lead’s trust — and subsequently their loyalty — is through a periodic nutrition flow that informs this potential customer about the company’s universe: from the products it sells to the values ​​it propagates. It is essential that the Nutrition Flow is structur alongside the company’s Digital […]

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CTA Translat from English, CTA is defin as a “ call to action ” for the lead to act towards their goals. Do you know when a YouTube channel asks you to like or subscribe? This call for action is a CTA. Depending on the type and size of the content, a CTA may appear […]