Digital Marketing Strategies for Local and Online Businesses

Digital marketing strategies for local and online businesses.  Business, digital, local increase the value of your work with digital marketing. What is your business model like? Do you sell products or services exclusively online and do not have a physical. Location or do you sell and offer your services in a shop or office? How […]

Improving your products or services

Check it out below: Main concepts of Digital Marketing Persona One of the biggest mistakes in Digital Marketing is confusing target audience with persona. Target audience is a broad concept with different consumer profiles; while the persona could be consider an individual portrait of a person within this broad profile. When we define a persona, […]

What is a KPI?

So it should be easy to communicate what you’re doing with the rest of the team. Keep it action-oriente there are plenty of metrics floating around that you could focus on if you wante – but the ones that matter the most are typically linke to a specific action. Rather than just a value. Timing […]

Home-grown marketing automation resource.

Search Engine Land This is your new go-to for all your daily news coverage. Breaking stories, feature announcements or industry trends within the realm of digital marketing, mar tech or advertising technology. Search Engine Land Marketing Website Both Search Engine Home-grown  Land and its sister publication Mar Tech, cover all of this and more. Search […]

In each of the fields you can also

For instance,   I found some things  In each of the fields I like and others I dislike but I tell you, I am not deep enough to give you very detailed details. Do you understand me? What I like best is the alignment option, which allows you to align objects vertically and horizontally without creating […]