How to Find New Customers Online With Facebook and Google

How to find new customers online with facebook and google.  Marketing, online advertising message follow the online behaviors of your potential customers! Where and how to find new customers online? Is it better to intercept them on a social mia like facebook or on a search engine like google? Both google and facebook are excellent […]

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Nutrition Flow One of the ways to gain the lead’s trust — and subsequently their loyalty — is through a periodic nutrition flow that informs this potential customer about the company’s universe: from the products it sells to the values ​​it propagates. It is essential that the Nutrition Flow is structur alongside the company’s Digital […]

The benefits of using KPIs for digital marketing

These kpis will help you to understand where your organic traffic is coming from and allow you to make changes to produce more seo-rich. Relevant brande campaign content. Like: number of lead conversions assiste by organic search number of customer conversions assiste by organic search percentage of traffic associate with brande keywords percentage of traffic […]

Neil Patel’s blog is worth a bookmark.

We wante to keep this list succinct, because who doesn’t enjoy a top 10 list. But there are a few honorable mentions that should also feature high on your website or email subscription list as a marketing professional. 11. Marketing Week Marketing Week is the place to go for in depth, thought provoking ideas around […]

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Blog This inbound marketing agency has one of the strongest and most reputable Spanish-language blogs when it comes to automated marketing, lead capture or traffic attraction. The material is also business-focused, but it also works for small entrepreneurs who want to see their online presence increase. #. Rev Harvey Harvey Pastor Harvey Pastor is a […]