How to work with Storytelling in companies

How to work with Storytelling in companies. At this point in the game, if you are a regular on my blog, you will already know what Storytelling is and how to use it. But if you are a newcomer, first, welcome, welcome. Second, here I tell you more about Storytelling with some of the articles on my blog about it. If you are one of the regular readers, I would love for you to refresh your memory as well. Storytelling is a communication technique that consists of telling stories to transmit a message or persuade an audience. In fact, for me it is a tool of mass emotional communication. 

Identify the company's history

Identify the company’s history. Every brand has an interesting story to tell. In my case, when a business, whether a corporation, family business or personal brand, asks me to help them, it is a personal challenge, since each story is unique. Many companies believe they don’t have a good enough story. Mistake. All the stories are interesting. The important thing is how you tell it, rather than what you tell. It can be the origin of the company, how it has developed over the years or how it has overcome obstacles email leads challenges, crises and moments of uncertainty. Identifying this story can help connect with the public and convey the company’s values, as well as its challenges and brand purpose.

Create a coherent and consistent narrative over time

Create a coherent and consistent narrative over time. It is important that the story being told is coherent and has a common thread. It must have a beginning, a middle or middle and an end or outcome. Here I could expand much more, since years ago I created my own methodology to create a different Storytelling that engages from the beginning so that the story does not die. But if you want to learn more EG Lists about it, at the Story Emotion School we have the only Master in Digital Marketing based on Storytelling, Copywriting and Emotional Marketing. I leave it there.

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