Starting a business is shit, but it’s worth it

Starting a business is shit, but it’s worth it. I have been in Madrid for almost ten years. In 2013 I came to this city to undertake… and learn. Actually also for love. When you change cities, it is usually for work or love, there is almost no other option. After four years, love ended, and I stayed in Madrid. Although I have been with Pablo for almost five years , I am extremely happy and have many professional and personal projects that make us even closer, learn from each other, and grow together.

The first years of entrepreneurship

The first years of entrepreneurship. My first three years as an entrepreneur (start up… what a word and how much responsibility!) were a bitch and a fucking learning experience in equal parts. I have told it in countless conferences and training sessions, but on International Women’s Entrepreneur’s Day, it is perhaps the one that makes the most sense. They were three very hard years. No response to my proposals, silence to my endless calls and emails, and looking for every last cent to email contact list be able to eat. So he didn’t live, he survived. And she did it thanks to the savings she already had from only one client. Client who currently, ten years later, is still my client (and we have a beautiful friendship).

The present of undertaking

 The present of undertaking. I haven’t stopped doing it. No, I have not stopped undertaking. With its pluses and minuses, the joys and the messes, with sleepless nights and the “I’m going to bed happy”, with its lights and its shadows, with disappointments and frustrations, discoveries and learnings everywhere. They finished being born. Entrepreneurship. So, entrepreneurial women of the world, thank you for everything EG Lists you do every goddamn day, especially when no one thanks you (us), when no one recognizes you (us), or when we don’t see results. Don’t worry, everything arrives. 


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