Favor the Support of Your Competition

Making the public understand the differences between you and. Your competitors is a formula to separate yourself from others and create better ties. Favor the Following and analyzing the actions of other companies within your line of business is part of Content Marketing. This way you can measure the level of response that the public […]

How to work with Storytelling in companies

How to work with Storytelling in companies. At this point in the game, if you are a regular on my blog, you will already know what Storytelling is and how to use it. But if you are a newcomer, first, welcome, welcome. Second, here I tell you more about Storytelling with some of the articles […]

Create your own Personal Brand? Step-by-step

Create your own ,What is Personal Branding or Personal Branding? The Personal Brand is the mark you leave on others, with each action or communication you carry out. That is. Personal Branding (in English) is the way in which other people perceive you thanks to everything you do. Transmit and express both in the Offline […]