Storytelling in companies: How to use personal stories and communication channels

Storytelling in companies: How to use personal stories and communication channels. Earlier this week I shared the first part of this article HERE and I promised you a second part. So here I am, with more information on how to implement Storytelling in companies. Personal stories can be very powerful in the business context. Well, actually, they are as long as they are well narrated and with an empathetic approach so that whoever receives them perceives them as something worth remembering. This is how Storytelling works . As well as enough empathy to feel identified, even at a single point or moment in that story with our life. 

In marketing communication

 In marketing communication. Personal stories can be used to promote products or services more effectively and affectively. In fact, even the solution we give our clients to their problems, challenges or concerns. For example, if a customer has an inspiring story about how they used a product or service from your brand to improve their quality of life. Therefore, you can use that story in your marketing campaigns. Whenever you share a client’s personal story. You must first have their top people data written consent. Another issue is that you can use your story by changing names and surnames. Therefore, and even making changes to some parts or scenes of the narrative.

In team building

 In team building. Personal stories can be used to create emotional and affective connections. Therefore, as well as give a sense of community, unity and familiarity between members of a team. For example, you can ask your team members to share stories. Therefore, about their personal achievements, challenges, concerns, or challenges during a team session. Remember that the EG Lists workers, the team that makes up the brands, are also called internal customers. And they are the first ones we have to take care of. The Storytelling of a brand also depends on them.

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