Backups and Restore All Microsoft Outlook Data

This guide is about how to backup and restore your microsoft outlook data. This will explain the various methods and which method is best to use in which scenario. In today’s technology era with the use of email for your daily activities. You can hardly lose a single email, so keep your entire archive of emails, calendar items and contacts intact.
When you use a pop3 account, all your outlook data including emails, contacts, calendar, tasks and notes are stored locally on your pc in a pst file. Your recommended backup strategy is to make regular copies of your pst files to a backup location when outlook is closed.
A viable backup strategy is to rename the current pst file if one is still available and then restore the pst file from your backup location to its original location.

This whole process is described in more detail in the section managing pst-files . If you only want to back up a specific number of folders. You can use export and import methods. You can also choose to back up individual items.

Backups and restores imap data

When you use an imap account. Your outlook data is stored in a pst file, ost file or a combination of both. This can make it a bit tricky to properly backup email and other data such as contacts, calendars and tasks for imap accounts.

Your emails and email folders are stored on the imap server and synchronized with outlook which stores them in local cache files on your computer.

Outlook 2007 and outlook 2010
Your e-mail cache is Bulk SMS Hong Kong stored in pst files.
Outlook 2013, outlook 2016, outlook 2019 and office 365
Your e-mail cache is stored in the ost file.

Outlook 2007 and outlook 2010
Your contacts, calendar, tasks and notes are stored in separate auxiliary pst files.
Your outlook 2013, outlook 2016, outlook 2019 and office 365
Contacts, calendar, tasks and notes are stored in the same ost file but outlook can also be configured to store this data in a separate pst file.

Backups and restore all microsoft outlook data

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Recommended backups strategy for imap
In general, the recommended backup strategy EG Lists for email is to rely on the backups and storage methods performed by microsoft outlook as your imap account. Therefore, when this is not the company you work for.

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