Junk Folder is a Great Thing for Recovering

In this article, we will discuss how to automatically delete emails in thunderbird . Mozilla thunderbird is a free open code e-mail program. The latest english version of thunderbird can be downloaded for free on the mozilla project website, and the finnish version on the mozilla europe website.

Accidentally deleted messages, but even trash shouldn’t grow indefinitely. Of course, you can always empty the trash folder manually in mozilla thunderbird . This, however, immediately deletes all messages on it, and emptying the trash is really something your software should do for you.
Once the program starts, a view opens with mail folders one below the other on the left. Local folder refers to the mail folder on your own computer, stored only locally to that computer.

Read new emails

By clicking the inbox section under e-mail accounts , a connection to the e-mail server is initialized. The mail server requires identification when logging into the program and when sending messages for the first time. You can allow thunderbird to remember your password by checking the use password manager to remember this password section and you won’t need to enter your password at all. This feature should not be used if other people are using the same computer or email program.

Thunderbird’s basic features
New messages are retrieved from the server by clicking get mail, and composing a new email is started by clicking compose. Reply to the message by clicking reply. Clicking delete marks the message to be destroyed. Messages marked for destruction are deleted forever by selecting menu > file > compact folder in the upper right corner.Thunderbird has built-in support for filtering junk mail. First, the user trains Saudi Bulk SMS the filter to identify junk mail by marking it with the junk option. Based on user choices, the filter learns to identify junk mail on its own, and can be set to automatically move junk mail to the junk folder.

Select menu > options > account settings
Select junk settings under the account you want to edit. When the enable adaptive junk mail detection option is checked, automatic junk e-mail filtering is active.
Junk mail header set by: you can also use a ready made junk mail list, such as spamassassin . In that case, any known junk email found in the list is automatically deleted.
In the move new junk messages to: section, you can select the folder where all messages identified as junk email are moved. You can select the trash folder or any other folder.

Remember to check your junk mail folder regularly

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Because sometimes regular mail is accidentally moved there. It is also recommended to empty the folder from time to time. You can also set junk email to be automatically EG Lists deleted after a certain period of time.
To achieve the best results in filtering, it is important that messages that have passed the filter are marked manually as junk e-mail with the junk option, and that normal messages that are incorrectly classified as junk e-mail are deleted from the junk e-mail folder with the same option (in this case called not junk). . The more automated filter practices, the better it will automatically identify junk mail.

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