We explore real-world marketing applications of big data

strategies, future of marketing, and tools. Think of this platform as a one-stop-shop to discover the current trends, tools, and ideas over a range of different We explore real meiums. 4. Marketing Profs Marketing Profs is a marketer must-read. They offer real-world eucation for modern marketers with quality articles, podcasts, in-depth marketing guides, and video tutorials. If you join the MarketingProfs University.

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Practical and hands-on instruction on topics like search engine marketing and marketing measurement. Marketing Profs Website 5. Content Marketing Institute The new data  Content Marketing Institute is a massive marketing resource, complete with online training, e-books, original research, white papers, how-to tutorials, and blog posts on successful marketing. Marketing Institute Website It gets even better as they have built a strong community, through virtual events and free webinars where marketers can attend and are able to collaborate and learn from each other. This site caters to both those starting out in content marketing to those who have been working within the industry for decades.

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Your own work to the site, there’s a spot there for you too. Something for everyone. 6. There, Smartbrief: Marketing While not exactly a website. There, Smart Brief  EG Lists keeps you in-touch with your daily industry news via email.  There,The daily updates include summaries of the day’s most.  Important headlines from hundres of meia and publications. In other words, instead of spending your time sifting through all of your updates and alerts, you can finish your daily reading faster with Smart Brief.


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