Renault walks through time aboard its vans in this nostalgic spot

Time does not stand still and always keeps changes up its sleeve. Such changes are noticeable in people and also in the businesses they run. Maybe the cute cafe around the corner was once a video store and 30 years before it was probably something completely different. Businesses evolve over time and those who protect them are also those who transform our cities and our daily lives. Renault sets its sights precisely on these small but daring entrepreneurs in a new and charming spot: “The Store”. Signed by the agency Publicis Conseil. The production company Soldats and councilor Rodrigo Saavedra, as it is passed from generation to generation.

The advertisement follows the evolution of a store

Opened in 1912 by Pierre and top industry data Rose (who also lend their name to the business). The establishment , which begins as a grocery store, is transformed over the decades thanks to the children. Grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren of its founders. The new and nostalgic Renault spot is a beautiful walk through the last hundred years of history and its different eras and fashions . With the announcement. The French automobile manufacturer wants to demonstrate that its vans (invariably serviceable) have always been able to adapt to the eternally changing needs of entrepreneurs.

Some of Renault's most emblematic vans parade through the spot

the Fourgon Postal (1909), the EG Lists Juvaquatre (1937-1960), the Estafette (1959-1980). The Master 1 (1980-1997) and the also the new Trafic Van E-Tech Electric. The emblematic Renault Trafic van. Which has conquered more than 2.2 million professionals since 1990, is now 100% electric and is ready to continue giving life to small businesses. Which are actually the soul of cities. With a range of up to 240 kilometers. The new Renault Trafic aims to continue accompanying entrepreneurs on the great adventure of their lives (and will not hesitate to continue evolving to better adapt to their needs).

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