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Method If you want to view your impression share data for ad groups and keywords, enable the impressions column in the Ad groups and keywords tab . For Google Shopping campaigns , you can view impression share in the Campaigns , Ad groups , or Product groups tabs . If you want to view impression share at the text ad level, click the Variables tab. Auction analysis with impression share How to improve your impression share? Loss of impressions, that is, the deviation from the estimatd rate, can be explaind by a bad ranking of the ad or by a budget that is too low.

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Moreover, the data in the analysis report is very precise, since it makes it possible to distinguish the rate of impressions obtaind according to whatsapp mobile number list either the loss of impressions or the budget.The origins of Grandmother’s Day For thirty years now, every first Sunday in March, we have honored our grandmothers… The origin of this celebration, at the risk of disappointing you, is not a romantic legend like Valentine’s Day , but on the contrary comes from a rather effective marketing operation of the coffee brand.

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It was in 1987 that the celebration of the first grandmother’s day was announced, in a final commercial coup to try to restore the image EG Lists of the brand. Never mind, this festival has become so popular that it has remained inscribed in our customs and in our calendar. Grandmothers and advertising This holiday, just as much as the others, remains a perfect opportunity for brands to show creativity on this occasion! We have selected for you some campaigns inspired by our elders, and to reach all generations.

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