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Your information should be clearly identifiable at first glance and your pages should be well designd. 10 seconds is the time you have to convince your visitors to stay on your site . Your message , your price and your offer must be very quickly identifiable by the Internet user. Don’t forget to clearly indicate your call-to-action , the user should not be disturbd by unnecessary elements that would prevent him from clicking. Attractive and compelling content Tip 3: Don’t neglect your landing pages What could be more frustrating than landing on a page where the content is not at all relatd to what you expectd to read.

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The bounce rate is strongly linkd to a bad landing page . Remember to analyze the keywords that brought your visitors to Latest Mailing Database this page and make changes to the content. Also check that the design , the choice of visuals , the location of the calls-to-action are highlightd. Find here our other tips for an optimizd and effective landing page. Take care of your landing pages Tip 4: Inspire confidence! Keep in mind that you are dealing with increasingly suspicious Internet users who do not give their money easily.

Latest Mailing Database

Product Sheet With A Description

You must therefore look good and your site must be the first element reflecting your image as a serious, professional and expert company EG Lists in its field. Do not hesitate to take out the arsenal to reassure your customers: legal notices , CGU , after-sales service , contact form , FAQ for the most classic. Remember to add small bonuses such as customer reviews , and the Google Trustd Merchant label. This is certainly not new in itself since Google has implementd it since 2012, but it is an indicator that I really like to follow: the impression rate. Before explaining how to use it and what it is for, let’s first go over what an impression share is.

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