This Reconquest Requires Above All A Digitalization

The brand succeeded in its comm’ coup since it increased its sales by 78% among the over 75s, thus tripling their use of social networks, and thus waking up the Romanian silver economy . The Uber & Johnsonville partnership We can say that Uber is a specialist in partnerships of all kinds to get people talking about its brand: in order to prove itself as a real communication medium , it has joined forces in the United States with the deli brand Johsonville.

That Wants To Reclaim Paris And Its

Unusual you say? Indeed, and that’s not all: Uber fulfills its role as a carrier, since the idea is to deliver meals cooked by grandmothers following phone number list orders placed via the Uber application… but not matter how. The dishes are not only cooked, but also delivered directly to small fully equipped houses, mounted on wheels, in which grandmothers – the “Sausage Nonnas” – cook their orders, despite the vagaries of traffic… An original combination for a more than unusual operation: a recipe that works for both brands! The highest quality delivery service in history has.

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Chosen At Random For A Brand

Especially when we know that it is a population that tends to expand. Opening wide the doors of the silver economy. And its many opportunities for brands .“We no longer say. Taxis G7, but simply G7… Just as it looks like a. Mac and not an Apple EG Lists computer”. Becoming obvious is in any case what the brand claims, which has done everything to take the. Digital wave and face the fierce competition from VTCs. New application, new logo, new signature – new identity more generally for the G7 brand, which intends to become the next reference in the capital, like New York’s yellow taxis. A change that has not gone unnoticed and which is intended to reflect its brand: elegant and modern.

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