Data management series data quality an end-to-end view

The importance of implementing data quality monitoring processes has already been widely discussed in this blog, through articles such as Data Engineering for Martech — Data Quality — Série Engenharia de Dados. Part . Data Lineage: Ensuring data quality , Data quality and its importance for marketing strategies and 5 Reasons to implement Data Quality […]

Following His Journey Until Our Arrival However

Perhaps the digitalization of the G7 brand will succeed in changing minds. Since the beginning of this transformation in any case, the brand seems to receive positive opinions and seems to continue on this desire for modernism.With the rise of social networks, companies can no longer ignore Community Management. If we stick to its literal […]

This Reconquest Requires Above All A Digitalization

The brand succeeded in its comm’ coup since it increased its sales by 78% among the over 75s, thus tripling their use of social networks, and thus waking up the Romanian silver economy . The Uber & Johnsonville partnership We can say that Uber is a specialist in partnerships of all kinds to get people […]

We Strongly Believe That The Website Is One

Companies should strive to make business decisions that will give them a long-term competitive advantage. Nowadays, the advantage is gaine by the one who is recognizable and more visible in the meia, especially on the Internet. Customers buy not only the product that meets their nees, but also the brand and the promise behind it. […]

Benefits And It Is Worth Taking Care Of It Regularly

In a company focuse on active activities in the field of internal marketing, the importance of internal communication is increasing . As a consequence, it is conducive to the process of mutual support and trust, resulting in cooperation between individual organizational units. Employees who identify with the company’s mission are also able to create a […]