This is Basically Google’s Contribution to Faster Worldwide Adoption of Https

Google announced that https was a lightweight ranking factor in 2014. This is more like a tiebreaker than something that will skyrocket your rankings if other ranking factor variables remain unchanged.

Better security and privacy
We’ve talked about this. But how does this connect to seo? When you land on an unsafe website. We realize a bad first impression if I see it on any website.

Our guess is that migrating to https might improve delay times and prevent pogo sticking. While this is just a theorized (not confirmed) ranking factor, getting people to ‘stick’ when they land on your website is something you want regardless of seo.

Maintain referral data

If your website is still using http and you are using a web analytics service like google analytics, the bad news is no referral data is passed from https to the http page.

Since most of the web runs on https today, the source of most of the referral traffic is clicks on links from other websites will be labeled as direct in most analytics software. One downside of this is that it makes your data cluttered and skewed. The other thing is you can’t see your best referral sources which is a wasted link building opportunity.

Allows use of modern protocols that increase site security and speed
On paper, https is slower than http due to added security features. However, having https is a prerequisite for using the latest security and web performance technologies. In Bulk SMS Singapore other words, apart from security, https also allows your website to improve page speed when you use protocols like tls 1.3 and http/2. Apart from a better user experience, google considers page speed as a lightweight ranking factor similar to https.

How to set up https
It depends on your scenario.

You launch a new website
Use https from scratch and you won’t have to worry about http and migration-related errors. All you need to do is have a good hosting provider that will guide you through the process, and that supports the latest http and tls protocol versions. Once everything is up and running, implement hsts as the final step to seal in security.

You already have a website that supports https
The fact that you are reading this article tells me that it may not be set up correctly. Follow the suggestions in the next section to check for common errors.

You still have a website running on http

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It took a while to get everything ready and done. Migration complexity depends on:

The size and complexity of your website
What type of cms are you using
Your hosting/ cdn provider
Your technical ability
While I believe that owners of small EG Lists websites running popular cmss and solid hosting can do the migration on their own, there are many variables at play.

According to w3techs.Com, 59.4% of websites in the survey sample use https by default. In comparison, google reports that between 88–99% of browsing time in chrome is spent on https websites. Enjoy reading and developing your website! If you are still confused about making a website, you can stop by to buy a cheap domain and hosting at idwebhost .

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