Things You Should Not Do in WordPress

Being one of the mistakes that beginners often experience in managing wordpress is not being able to distinguish which is wordpress.Com and wordpress.Org. As you know, both of these platforms are free website platforms that come from wordpress. But what differentiates are the features offered from each platform, the difference can also be said to be far.

To be clear, on the wordpress.Com platform you will not be free to choose a domain extension. So that your domain name will be followed by appendages like the following: www.Yourdomainname.Wordpress.Com. The second explanation, you will not be able if you want to advertise on wordpress.Com. The following explanation, you will not be able to install any plugin on wordpress.Com.

From the three points above

The conclusion is if you use wordpress.Com it is not the right choice, especially if you want to earn money from the website that you have. Because there are indeed many rules that will limit your creativity. You can choose wordpress.Org which is the best choice if you want to create a free website. Because you will be much more creative and you can freely choose a domain extension until you can place an ad.

What should not be done on wordpress, not taking into account the costs incurred
As we know that wordpress.Org is a free Bulk SMS Philippines platform. However, you will also need to pay, for the need to rent hosting and also buy a domain. Even so, you also can’t be careless if you are going to buy both domains and hosting. So you also have to consider how much it will cost you so it won’t burden you.

The first thing that can help you save costs in creating a website is to choose hosting at an affordable price and also with quality. You can also compare the hosting services provided, prices and also the facilities offered. Back again, whether the facilities provided are in accordance with the budget you spend.

For example, at idwebhost , you can buy wordpress hosting which will get a free domain later. Not only that, you will also get free ssl for a long time and also unlimited bandwidth.

What should not be done in wordpress, mistakes in choosing a theme

Which should not be done in wordpress

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The activity of choosing a theme can be the most tiring thing for you. This is because you will be faced with thousands of themes that can only choose one theme from the list. Actually for a suitable wordpress theme will be different from everyone’s choice. Because people’s tastes are not the same. But there are at least four things you should know when choosing a wordpress theme:

Choose a theme that is compatible for all devices EG Lists used. Starting from desktop, tablet and also mobile.
Choose a theme that is easy to customize
Look for themes that are compatible with a number of important plugins.
Choose a theme that doesn’t make loading on your website slow.
The four criteria above will be able to help you determine a theme that will definitely support the performance of your website. So, whatever is your taste in determining a wordpress theme, then choose according to the four criteria that have been mentioned.

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