How to Add an Email Account on Google Apps

For Those of You Who Already Have a Goggle Apps Account, Here’s a Way You Can Add an Account to Google Apps

Adding an Email Account to Google Apps, Log in to Your Google Apps Account
Click on
Enter Your Google Apps Admin Username and Password
Next, You Will Enter the Google Admin Menu
If You Are Going to Add Your New Email , You Can Enter the Users Menu by Clicking on the Blue Icon Called Users.
Adding an Email Account on Google Apps

Adding an Email Account on Google Apps

After You Enter the Users Menu, You Will See the User Menu Display
In the Lower Right Corner, You Will Have to Point the Cursor to the Plus (+) Icon. Then, You Will Be Given a Choice, Are You Sure You Want to Add One by One or Add All at Once.
If You Choose to Enter Data All at Once, You Must First Create a Csv File. So That When You Click on the Icon, You Will Be Given a Sample Csv File First.

If You Have Successfully Added a User, Then a Pop Up Will Appear Informing You That You Have Successfully Added a New User.
You Can Also Email Someone Using the Bulk SMS Myanmar Email You Just Created. Later the Newly Created Email Will Be Informed About the Username, Password and Also How to Use the Email.
Before You Send by Pressing the Send Button. Don’t Forget to Fill in the Destination Email Address Correctly. Because the Email Contains Important Information Such as Passwords.
Adding Email Accounts to Google Apps on Android Devices
Adding an Email Account on Google Apps

Actually, in Creating an Email There Are Two Steps That You Have to Do, Including:

Go Into the Email Settings.
In Creating an Email Account on an Android Device, the First Step You Have to Take is to Find Out the Email Information. You Can Check This Information by Looking at the Contents of the Dashboard on Hpanel. The Method:

Adding an Email Account on Google Apps

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Click on the Account That You Will Display in the Upper Right Corner of the Gmail Application. Then Click on the Add Another Account Option in the Prompt That Appears. On the EG Lists Next Page, Select Other.
If You Are Already Logged in to an Email Account. You Should Not Immediately Click on the Next Button Option. However, Choose Manual Setup First.
Next, Choose the Protocol That You Will Use for Email Services. Can Choose Between Pop3, Imap, or Exchange. So That All Data is Synchronized From Various Devices So That It Can Run Better, It is Highly Recommended to Choose the Imap Option. Then, After Everything Has Been Done, Start Entering the Password.

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