The 20 best SEO, WordPress and Social Networks Books

The 20 best SEO, WordPress and Social Networks Books. This year we have discovered interesting books and we want to recommend the best ones on SEO , WordPress, Facebook and Twitter so that you can start the new year with motivation and good resolutions. They are great support and a resource that will be great for you to write down tricks and always have a useful guide on hand to help you with the online marketing of your blog and your social networks. In this post we show you our favorites! We hope you like them and that you are encouraged to share what you think.

The great book of the Community Manager

Therefore, This book contains all the information and material necessary for beginner community managers and all those people who are starting out in Online Marketing. When students at our school ask us for concepts to review. Therefore, we recommend this publication. It is fun and quite complete as it includes a description and tips for navigating social networks. In addition, it has a large number of tools email database  organized by categories. Therefore, so that you can optimize your time and have maximum control over. your publications and the reputation of the brand for which you are developing content.

Positioning and Google Analytics

This SEO and Analytics pack can come in handy. Therefore, if you are interested in positioning and statistics. Keep in mind that they are two totally related areas. Therefore, that you will have to work on so that your website works as it should. Something we like about the book is that it is useful both for people. Therefore, who are just starting out and for others EG Lists who have already been able to delve deeper into the topic. It explains very well the relevance of the search engine and the stages of SEO so it is really useful and practical.

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