Useful Strategy for All Businesses of All Segments and Sizes

If you have been learning about Inbound for a while, you surely recognize that it is a very well thought-out attraction strategy to generate leads for your business. Useful Strategy But you may have wondered if Content Marketing works for different businesses. One of the obstacles that organizations experience when making the decision of whether […]

The 20 best SEO, WordPress and Social Networks Books

The 20 best SEO, WordPress and Social Networks Books. This year we have discovered interesting books and we want to recommend the best ones on SEO , WordPress, Facebook and Twitter so that you can start the new year with motivation and good resolutions. They are great support and a resource that will be great […]

25 Free Online Marketing and Community Manager Courses

25 Free Online Marketing and Community Manager Courses. If you want to train in Digital Marketing but you don’t have time (nor does your pocket allow it), don’t worry. We can help you. We have prepared a list of the “25 most interesting Free Online Courses on Communication 2.0.” The compilation covers many topics related […]

Facebook Groups and how to create them

Facebook Groups, What is a Facebook group? A Facebook group is a place within this platform in which a limited set of users. With common concerns and interests. Share content and information of interest to all its members. It is obvious to think that. When talking about a community of this type. We may be […]