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Blog This inbound marketing agency has one of the strongest and most reputable Spanish-language blogs when it comes to automated marketing, lead capture or traffic attraction. The material is also business-focused, but it also works for small entrepreneurs who want to see their online presence increase. #. Rev Harvey Harvey Pastor Harvey Pastor is a model for the field of copywriting.

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In addition to focusing on this topic, his blog contains a number of content that is more relevant  latest database  to other areas of digital marketing, such as social networking or blogging. He also has a very popular podcast. Long ago, he had his own blog on his website, but now it is within his big bang transformation school. #fifteen. Jose Fachin You can find everything in another blog. It’s like a big city public library where you can find everything from 《 Don Quijote》 to 《 Santiago Calatrava not full set》.

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Own everything. A consultant and digital marketing professor, he blogs, blogs, social media, technology or entrepreneurship. #. Juan Melodio Juan Melodio is one of the largest and most famous Spanish-language digital marketing consultants and speakers. References to  EG Lists  be included in the list of the most influential people in the 《 Forbes》 marketing field. On your blog, you will find everything: marketing, social networking, personal branding, advertising is undoubtedly a must! #.

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