Of the Most Viewed Articles on the Blog in

The year 2014 is ending and I couldn’t say goodbye to you until next year without my last article! In order not to beat you up too much on this important date, in which you have so little time available to read, I wanted to make a compilation of the best articles on the blog […]

Important Things to Keep in Mind With Direct Marketing

Direct marketing has always been a great way for businesses to get eyes on their storefront and customers in the door. With the advent of the internet and the prevalence. Important Things of mobile devices, the world of direct marketing has exploded. The options for a business looking to benefit from direct marketing are myriad.

What is an offer and how to create the perfect bonus

An offer is the way of offering a product or service in the market. Which aims to generate sales for a business. If you still don’t know what an offer is, how to create it. Or you would like to review the ones you already have to increase your conversion and grow with your business. […]

How legal is signing contracts online

It may seem a bit exaggerated but something like this happened when I spoke with my friend Nando , who I’m sure you know, about the public challenge How legal is I threw at him in my last post where I talked about How to sign contracts online legally using Signaturit . The challenge? Well, […]