Web development and design process phases should be followed


If you are thinking about changing your website or redesigning your current one, or you are a programmer or web developer, you should know the web development and design process so that the result is a success. INDEX [ HIDE ] What is a website? A website , which is not the same as a web page, is a set of electronic information made up of texts, images, videos, links adapted to the Word Wide Web and that can be consulted through a browser. For its part, a web page is each of the URLs that make up a website. The process of developing and designing a website is neither simple nor short. Therefore, whether you are a web developer or are going to hire the services of creating a new site, it is advisable that you know all the steps that make up this process. I’m going to explain it to you. What do we understand by web development? It is the process of creating, designing, programming, testing and publishing a website or online store. If you are looking for a web programmer, when choosing one or the other we recommend not basing your choice solely on price.

Definition of the structure of the web content.

Take into account other factors such as similar projects developed, third-party references, track record… When developing a website, cheap can be very expensive. Don’t choose the cheapest one. web developer valencia Pre-web development phase. The preliminary phase executive data begins once the budget is accepted by the client. It is common for the web developer to invoice at least 30% of the project at this time. Or 50% if it is a new client. Additionally, we recommend that both parties sign a service contract . Definition of web objectives. First of all, both the client and the web developer must answer one question: what is the objective of my web project? Why do we want to have a website? Some of the most common are: Inform . The most common objective on corporate websites. Sell ​​product or infoproduct. The most common in online stores. Sell ​​services .

Choice of hosting and domain

A recurring objective on company websites. Enhance personal brand . Typical of personal blogs. Generate leads to subsequently carry out e-mail marketing actions. In the implementation phase of web analytics we will configure the analytics objectives to be able to check whether or not our website is meeting these objectives. It is important to always keep in mind that all elements EG Lists of the website (content, design, programming…) must serve the objectives. Co-creation of the briefing The briefing is the document that the client will deliver with the assignment in order to develop the website or online store. It must specify in the most detailed way possible all the requirements of the project: technical, content, design, usability and digital marketing. Timing or execution schedule.

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