What is an offer and how to create the perfect bonus

An offer is the way of offering a product or service in the market. Which aims to generate sales for a business. If you still don’t know what an offer is, how to create it. Or you would like to review the ones you already have to increase your conversion and grow with your business. Stay until the end of this post because we. What is will tell you the insights that Vilma Núñez shared at the FIRE Festival 2023 about this theme. Index What is an offer?

The formula to create good offers What is the role of the bonus in an offer? How to create the perfect bonus in offers? Create the best offers for your products and sell more What is an offer? By definition, the offer is the product or service. That a person or company is willing to deliver in exchange for money or other types of goods.

Why are offers important as a marketing strategy

From a marketing perspective , offering strategies are essential to successfully bringing a product or service to market and generating executive data positive results. Therefore, if you have a business and want to sell more , it is essential that you know your niche very well What is as well as your target audience , which will allow you to make the best decisions when creating offers for your products or services. With good market and audience studies, you will be able to establish the value of your offers, define promotion strategies, the delivery method, among other aspects.

The formula to create good offers

Now that you know what an offer is and why it is important to work. On it strategically for your business. We are going to tell you how to EG Lists create good offers for your audience. For that, we will share with you the formula of none other than Vilma Núñez. The digital marketing and sales expert who was at the seventh edition of the. FIRE Festival, the largest event of the Creator Economy, created by Hotmart .

In her presentation, Vilma mentions 4 pillars to create a good offer: Tangible elements. Here it does not necessarily refer to physical objects. But rather that you have to give your clients something that they can test in practice. A solution or transformation that they can measure in some way in their life.

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