Not just social media

Not just social media. Why must website and email marketing be present. In your online strategy also in 2021 has begun. It’s time for good intentions. New beginnings and trying something different. Your business also needs to project itself towards an increasingly numerous audience. Perhaps towards new challenges and even towards an increase in turnover […]

Mistakes to avoid and targeted

Mistakes to avoid and targeted advice to help your business. When the brand is in a state of emergency. Whether it’s a squeaky post, a poorly chosen strategic move. A mistake with a customer or a general market. Crisis it takes very little to start a state of emergency. Just as a small pebble can […]

The elements and methods to use

The elements and methods to use to establish the right budget. To achieve corporate web marketing objectives. Less and less oriented towards sales management. More and more focused on digital marketing . The success of a company today depends a lot on this change of perspective. Marketing becomes a real investment no longer a cost. […]

From the objectives it helps

From the objectives it helps you achieve to the necessary budget. The guidelines for an effective social campaign. There are 35 million of us in italy. Who are active on social media . Each with their own preferences and for the most different reasons. In this large segment of people hide those who love your […]

Have included in the introduction to graphics course

Ai image generators allow everyone . Democratically . To quickly visualize their ideas with one click; the results obtained can then be a starting point on which to build a creative project through appropriate modifications and customizations . Which can only be achieved by those with a background of experience and training in the graphic […]

Firefly allows you to generate personalized writing

Deliberately left the adobe platform until last because it is richer in tools and because . Unlike the others . It was created specifically as a tool for creatives. It is only present online in beta version and to access it you only need to have an account. Once an image has been created from […]

Imagine working on a 4k video montage with titles

But also to make your work available for other devices and media recording systems such as televisions . Cd/dvd players . Smartphones . Etc Imagine working on adobe media encoder can be opened directly from the creative cloud once installed . Or  . As happens more frequently for video editors and motion graphic designers . Launched […]

The fastest method to export to media encoder from after

264 to apple prores . But also gif or png sequences. How to launch adobe media encoder from premiere pro you can launch adobe media encoder from premiere pro by going to the export section and choosing the “ send to media encoder ” button at the bottom right . Media encoder will automatically be […]

The section highlighted below in yellow

.. But simply select the file (and the composition/sequence) you want to render. Browser-montage-media-encoder once you have selected the file from the media browser you will see that it will appear in the queue . The section highlighted below in yellow. Media-encoder-queue-area you can change the format and output of the export by clicking the […]