Mistakes to avoid and targeted

Mistakes to avoid and targeted advice to help your business. When the brand is in a state of emergency. Whether it’s a squeaky post, a poorly chosen strategic move. A mistake with a customer or a general market. Crisis it takes very little to start a state of emergency. Just as a small pebble can crack glass and cause irreparable damage. A crisis can cause your brand to falter. A crisis in fact, calls into question the relationship with the public. Risking interrupting the relationship of trust and changing the image of the brand in people’s minds. But there’s more, even at an internal company level. The risk is that something could change. So what to do? The main ingredient that must remain is your brand identity. But there is also some targeted strategy that you can implement.

Types of crises

Crises are not all the same. And it’s not just about severity and duration. In fact, there are two main types internal crisis . It can be achieved on a productive, commercial, organisational. Strategic level and from a communication point of asia email list view. A wrong advertising campaign a sub-optimal response on social media. Deliveries that don’t meet deadlines external crisis . It is given by the general economic situation. The politics of the territory, the market trend. The historical period and social condition. The global pandemic generated by covid-19 is a more than clear example.

Wait or intervene

The role of brands is no longer just that of selling. Products that the public needs. Behind every company there is much more. There is an entire imaginary a set of values. Ideas and proposals in which people recognize themselves. A brand is not chosen only for the product or service itself. But also for what it represents . This is why in the event of a crisis, it is better not to back down. If the crisis is general a bit like the one we have been EG Lists experiencing for over a year. Providing your vision to the public can make the difference. People are looking for points of reference. Understanding, practical insights and every brand must be ready to respond.

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