Firefly allows you to generate personalized writing

Deliberately left the adobe platform until last because it is richer in tools and because . Unlike the others . It was created specifically as a tool for creatives. It is only present online in beta version and to access it you only need to have an account. Once an image has been created from a text . The app’s interface is similar to that of a software that works with presets . With the possibility of applying styles . Techniques and variations in color or brightness to the resulting figure. The images produced . Which to date cannot be used for commercial purposes . Have excellent quality: with a good description it is possible to obtain a result very close to the expected one.


The app allows you to edit existing files

 I generated some africa email list patterns and in most cases firefly managed to create there are many tools available. In addition to creating . The app allows you to edit existing files. With the same technology it replaces parts of a photograph . Creating a background . Adding or modifying elements . Always typing text. Furthermore . Firefly allows you to generate personalized writing with graphic elements rather than objects and with the possibility of modifying effects . Fonts and styles once the text has been created. Finally . The platform also works on vector images through the svg format . Recoloring the uploaded graphics with a new user-defined color palette.


Icons or simple illustrations

 During the basic illustrator course . Vector graphics software par EG Lists excellence . It is possible to learn the tools necessary to create logos . Icons or simple illustrations. Where are we with ai apps? Artificial intelligence apps are now a reality destined to grow. According to gartner . If today less than 10% of the workforce interacts with artificial intelligence tools every day . By 2030 the use of artificial intelligence will grow to 80% . The work of graphic designers and creatives will not be distorted . But remodulated : it will be necessary to learn to work side by side with ai . Focusing on human-machine cooperation.


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