Reasons That Explain Why Social Networks

Despite the enthusiasm of undertaking Social Media actions, the truth is that focusing exclusively on this channel does not bring the best results for companies. Reasons That This is because Digital Marketing is a strategy that uses different media and resources to bring a brand’s message to its users and create real business opportunities through […]

Starting a business is shit, but it’s worth it

Starting a business is shit, but it’s worth it. I have been in Madrid for almost ten years. In 2013 I came to this city to undertake… and learn. Actually also for love. When you change cities, it is usually for work or love, there is almost no other option. After four years, love ended, […]

E-Show Barcelona 2019 The largest fair on Online

E-Show What is the eShow? The eShow is one of the largest international fairs on eCommerce, Digital Marketing and new technologies for Online businesses in general, which is organized twice a year (once in Barcelona and once in Madrid). It is one of the best showcases to learn “insitu” and in first person what the […]