The community manager profile. What are your skills

 The community Training. In order to adequately perform this profession, it is necessary to be in constant training. For this reason, a budget item must also be provided for attendance at conferences, training courses and/or purchase of books. At a minimum, it is advisable to estimate about 200 euros per month. As we can see, a community manager has fixed expenses of approximately 900 – 1,200 euros to start his activity.

Social skills of the manager The community

 The community In most cases, there are no financial resources category email list available to carry out large actions on social media. That is why it is very important for the community manager to be creative and know how to propose innovative and notable actions with hardly any financial investment. Modesty. The community manager is nothing more than the spokesperson for the brand or company on social networks. He should not express his personal opinion or manage social networks as if they were his personal profiles. He must know how to value and respond to all opinions with cordiality .

Technical skills of the manager

Good spelling and writing . Perhaps it EG Lists goes without saying, but you must know how to express yourself correctly and have excellent writing skills. Know about the company’s marketing, advertising and communication issues . You cannot live apart from the different marketing, communication and/or advertising actions of the entity, as you will need to know them to carry out your social media strategy.

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