How much does a community manager earn

How much If you are passionate about social media, you will surely be interested in finding out how much these types of professionals can earn. This depends on various factors: country, contracting company, type of contract, experience, etc. But what is perhaps the most important is whether you are self-employed or employed. Below I am going to explain what is the average salary that this digital marketing professional can earn.

How much What is the salary of a manager

How much In the case of saying undertake everything changes. You will industry email list no longer have a fixed salary. The previously seen advantages disappear but new ones emerge. Some of the ones I value most are the following: Time flexibility . My recommendation is that you establish a fixed schedule for every day, for example, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. But this does not mean that one day you can finish earlier or lengthen your day. Variable salary . The more you work, if you manage your project well, the more you will earn. 

How to set the price of community services earn

But this will depend on how you price your services and the hours you EG Lists dedicate to each project. Job instability . This is one of the biggest cons. You don’t know which clients you will work for in the medium term. To minimize this uncertainty, I recommend that you continually recruit new clients and sign a contract for specific periods with each client.

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