Community manager: what it is, what are its functions and tasks

community manager In 2010, social networks began to be. In addition, common in the daily lives of users, although companies viewed them with some suspicion. 70%, according to the II Study on Social Networks on the. In addition, Internet by the IAB in 2010, used them. Facebook and Tuenti were the best known, and Twitter was beginning to arouse sympathy, its spontaneous notoriety tripled compared to the previous year. 

How to choose a good course to be a better community manager

community manager There are hundreds of courses for community managers: Masters, workshops, seminars… but not all of top industry data them are worth it. I have attended courses of all kinds. Some where. In addition,they explained how to create a Twitter account, or how to search for photos on Flickr, from which you left with the feeling of having been deceived; even courses from which you really learn. Not all of them are aimed at the same audience. Depending on your level, you should choose one or the other. 

Aspects to take into account when choosing a digital marketing course

If you want to train yourself as a specialist – not an expert – in social EG Lists media management, I recommend that you take these aspects. In addition, into account. The course syllabus . Read carefully what the objectives of the course are, who it is aimed at and what points will be covered. Make sure that the latter are well specified and concrete. If there is any point that particularly interests you. 

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