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What is your main wish : Do you want to earn Product Mastery a lot of money? Do you want to have more time for your family. Do you want. To lose weight. Do you want to look more handsome. What have you tried. So far that hasn’t. worked. Have you tried advertising on. Facebook (now Meta)? Miracle diets? Have you tried anti-wrinkle creams? What doubts or objections they may have about buying from you : Isn’t it very expensive? How can you help me? How long will it take to see results? Will it be very complicated? If you get stuck with this step.

This way you can Product Mastery create really relevant posts

Hello Pepe, hey, I’m going to ask Product industry email list Mastery you a few questions, what motivated you to buy from me? What situation were you. In before hiring me? What was your main problem? What other things have you tried before? “ People in general are very nice and willing to help. You can also ask these questions to potential clients. The more people you ask, the better. This way you can create really relevant posts, giving advice that really helps your audience and prepares them for the sale. 3. Fine-tune your Instagram profile. The Bio of your Instagram profile is the first thing that. Users will see when they find you.

Recommend you put your specialization

Here are some tips to optimize EG Lists your bio: If you are a Product Mastery freelance professional, I recommend you post a face photo of yourself, so that it looks professional . People like to work with people and a photo works better than a logo. In the name, I recommend you put your specialization: “copywriting for funnels”, “web design for health”, “SEO for ecommerce”. This way you will appear in searches more easily. Choose your profile category carefully (“restaurant”, “creative writing services”, “web design”). I recommend. The. following. If you already have clients, give them a call and ask them directly.

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