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Currently, I am dedicated to copy, but that Empowering Product is another story. Note: A few days ago I launched my first training in mastermind format in which I am going to teach strategies to attract clients through social networks. I wanted to fill a maximum group of 10 people. In less than 36 hours the places were sold out and people were left out. If you want to know more information and sign up for the next edition, you can contact me by Instagram DM @evalopezcopy. 1. Create a good offer Whatever you do, it is very important to define your differential value so that you find your space in the market. There is a lot of competition. Now you know. Come on, if you are a copywriter like me, you can’t simply sell yourself as a copywriter.

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There are hundreds of copywriters. Just as top industry data there are SEOs, web designers, coaches, psychologists… Think, What makes you different? What is your method? How are you going to help your clients? Therefore, the first step to get clients on Instagram is to define that segment of the market. In which you want to work. The idea is to become a specialist in solving a specific problem. For example. I decided to specialize in doing copywriting for funnels. And launches for entrepreneurs who want to fill the spots in their online program or course. It is a very specific niche, but I have no shortage of clients because there are many entrepreneurs who have a program and need my services.

Little more about your potential audience

If you are an SEO, you could specialize in helping e-commerce EG Lists owners position their websites. When you specialize in. Something specific, you stop competing. With all those generalist accounts and the message of your publications .Will have more impact. 2. Know your potential clients like yourself OK. Once you know what. You offer and to whom. It’s time to find out a little more about your potential audience . When you know your. Potential customers perfectly. You can create really interesting content for them. I advise you to grab a pen and paper and answer these series of questions about your audience: What is your main problem : Are you not getting clients? Are you not sleeping well at night? Do you have poor digestion? Do you have problems with your partner

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