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A description in which you say how you Insider Insights can help your clients . In my case I put “Copy services for entrepreneurs looking to fill the spots in their program or course .” If someone comes to my profile, they already know how I can help them. This last step is super important. I suggest you use one of these two copywriting formulas for this description: I help [target audience] achieve [profit] by doing [service]. O well: [Service] for [target audience] who want to achieve [desire]. Ex: SEO positioning for doctors who want to get more. Patients through their website. Instagram profile. Create a lead magnet First of all. I’ll clarify what this lead magnet is.

Something of value Insider Insights before asking them

A lead magnet is a free resource that a brand offers its potential category email list customers in exchange for their email. Surely you have left your contact more than once to see a free masterclass or download a guide. The goal of the lead magnet is to attract potential customers (leads) and convert them into actual customers by providing them with something of value before asking them to buy from you. It is a way to get those people who follow you on Instagram to get to know you, know what you do and start to trust you.

Guide through the link in your Instagram bio

The most common examples of lead EG Lists magnets are: Ebooks, live webinars, recorded masterclasses, checklists or coupons (the latter are seen a lot in ecommerce). If you are an SEO or a digital freelancer and you have not done a lead magnet in your life, I recommend starting with an Ebook or Guide. You will offer this Guide through the link in your Instagram bio. People who land on your profile and find it interesting will click on this link and download this guide in exchange for leaving their data. In this way, you can gradually increase your list of subscribers and later sell to them through email.

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