Mysql Vs Mysqli is There a Difference Between the Two

Mysql is the most popular open source relational database management system or rdbms and is used by high end websites like wikipedia, google, facebook and many more. In the past, mysql was in great demand by many people because it was very easy to use. But the more sophisticated the existing technology, mysql is far behind in terms of use and security. Because now mysql extensions can be said to be very limited. That said, when you use mysql you will feel that there are many extensions that need to be used for only one purpose.

Mysqli is an update from its predecessor

]This “I” sign means an improvement which is an improvisation from mysql. Mysqli has been developed to be a more fun and easy-to-use extension that also helps users use it more easily than mysql. Mysqli is also designed in such a way as to be better than mysql. Of course the function is easier and less confusing even though you are just starting to use mysqli.

Mysql is a relational database management Bulk SMS Bangladesh system or rdbms although it is a database management system based on the relational model. This rdms runs as its own server and provides multi-user access to multiple databases at once. The mysql source code is available under terms set out in the general public license (gnu) as well as a large number of proprietary agreements. Members of the mysql community have created many different branches of the rdms.

The mysqli extension comes with many complete benefits

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It provides an interface to an already established mysql database. It is literally an upgraded version of its predecessor. Mysql is now only a means to manage the database through EG Lists the server. Mysql can be found in many web applications as the database component of a solution bundled software stack or lamp. Its use can be seen widely on popular websites such as flickr, facebook, wikipedia, google, nokia and youtube. Each of these websites uses mysql for storage and logging of user data. The code consists of the c and c++ programming languages ​​and uses many different system platforms including linux, mac os x,

as well as enhancing the benefits provided by its predecessor, mysql. There are some that stand out more than others. These features which are meant to enhance the functionality.

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