Apache Vs Nginx A Deep Look at the Differences

Apache http server or simply called apache is a high performance opensource web server software developed and maintained by a consortium of developers under the sponsorship of the apache software foundation. It is a collaborative web server project designed to create a powerful, secure and efficient commercial-grade web server according to current http standards. This joint project is maintained by an open community of volunteers located around the world to develop http web servers and accompanying documentation using the internet. Apache has been a prominent leader in the web server market since its debut in 1995. Until it hit 100 million websites in 2009.

Apache vs nginx differences in depth

Apache remains the first choice among server administrators because of its power compatibility and multi-platform support. Although, apache runs efficiently on almost every major operating system including windows, linux, unix, osx, and netware. Generally still used in combination with linux. Its simplicity and architectural flexibility made it a popular choice among administrators because there was a certain passion in the early community to innovate and experiment with new technologies. And apache is right at the center of it. Apache is the backbone of the world wide web or www. But that’s how it is. As the old saying goes, when you’re at the top the only way is down.

What is nginx?

Apache started to lose one advantage after another and this is what happened. Apache’s formidable status already has potential rivals. Nginx was one of the first among its competitors to receive worldwide recognition. Nginx is also a solid web server platform designed to serve modern web requests. Developed SMS Gateway Estonia by russian developer igor sysoev, nginx is a free, open source http server that can also be used as a reverse proxy, mail proxy, and generic tcp or udp proxy server. It focuses on serving a large number of concurrent users efficiently and with minimal resources. At a time when handling massive web traffic is simply impossible, nginx comes to the rescue.

Even so Nginx cannot compete

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with the feature-rich apache in many areas, its asynchronous state and single-threaded architecture make it a smart choice over apache. It is often preferred by administrators EG Lists for its resource efficiency, lightweight architecture, and high concurrency. And the best part, it can be used as a standalone http server to enhance the web server architecture using minimal resources. Plus its ability to serve static traffic quickly and efficiently with limited hardware resources is unmatched.

In addition, nginx can also be a potential shock absorber, which will protect apache servers from sudden traffic spikes and security vulnerabilities.

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