How to Setup and Configure Cloudflare in Cpanel

This article explains how to set up and configure cloudflare in cpanel for your website. How to setting cloudflare on cpanel? Cloudflare is a dns management service as well as a cdn that can be used to increase website speed, save hosting bandwidth, and reduce hosting or server resource usage while protecting your site from bots or hackers.

We can get all the features mentioned above for free. In this article, we will discuss how to set up and configure cloudflare in cpanel. Dicloud is a certified partner from cloudflare so the integration process is very easy and automatically carried out by the dicloud system.

Understanding cpanel

Quoting from wikipedia, cpanel is a web hosting control panel , software that facilitates the management of web hosting servers developed by cpanel, llc, an american company. The software provides a graphical interface (gui) and automation tools designed to simplify the website hosting process to the website owner or end user.

Cpanel is part of a software suite called cpanel & whm that provides administrators, resellers, and end-user website owners the ability to control various aspects of website and server administration via a standard web browser using a three-tier structure. While cpanel is limited to managing a single hosting account, cpanel & whm allows administration of an entire server.

In addition to the gui Buy Bulk SMS Service command-line and api-based access that allows third-party software vendors. Web hosting organizations and developers to automate standard system administration processes.

Cpanel & whm is designed to work as either a dedicated server or a virtual private server. The latest cpanel & whm versions support installation on centos, red hat enterprise linux (rhel), and cloudlinux os. Cpanel 11.30 is the last major version to support freebsd.

Application-based support includes apache, php, mysql, postgresql, perl, and bind (dns). Email-based support includes pop3, imap , and smtp services . Cpanel is accessed via https on port 2083, while whm is accessed via https on port 2087.

Setting up cloudflare in cpanel

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The cloudflare plugin comes pre-installed on our shared and business hosting plans and can be accessed via the software section of cpanel. Once you have activated cloudflare, you are ready to configure it for your website. This process involves enabling cloudflare for a specific domain on your website.

Cloudflare only accelerates and protects domains EG Lists that have cname (canonical name) records. However, the root domain (example.Com) uses a records and cannot be routed directly through the cloudflare network. Therefore, to make sure cloudflare handles all traffic to your site, you should use an .Htaccess file to pass root domain requests to the www domain.

If you are using cloud or dedicated server , you need to install the plugin using below steps. Note: you need an account with cloudflare to take advantage of this plugin. Note: install using a secure socket shell client such as putty.

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